Come face your friends in the great outdoors thanks to this innovative 100% laser technology!

Between hiding places, sniper posts and strategic bases to carry out an ambush, prepare for combat! From 2 to 12 participants simultaneously, individually or in teams; Completely secure and personalized (choice of player names, e.g.: SNIPER 17) you will receive a summary table of the number of lives lost / number of hits / precision of each, in order to see who emerges victorious from the game!

Little tip from the pro ;): Lasertag is an activity that is interesting when you are in a (small) group.



Appropriate footwear

Closed shoes required , covering at least heels and toes (crocs, flip-flops, sandals are not permitted) and clothing suitable for outdoor activities.


Payment accepted: credit card, bank check, cash, ANCV, transfers/administrative money orders.


Presence of an adult in the park recommended for under 18s. Marked trails to follow progress from the ground. Access to the children's course.

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