How can I book?
You can book here BOOK NOW . We have a dedicated events team who are here to help you with larger groups such as school trips or corporate team buildings. Please use our quote request form .

Yes. We give priority to access to the courses to people already registered, then to people passing through depending on our availability. If we are full, you will need to come back later in the day or on another day. The number of entries to the courses is regulated for safety reasons and to avoid long waiting times.

Until D-7, you can cancel an existing reservation and receive a full refund, less the reservation fee. You can also change your reservation for free.

Until D-3, you can cancel an existing reservation and receive a refund of 70% of the total amount (30% billing). You can also change your reservation for free. You can postpone the date of the activity, depending on availability or be credited with a gift voucher, valid for 1 year. Any travel or cancellation request must be made with the contact form .

From D to D-2 and no show, if Coolongalook is operational, you will not have the right to move your reservation or receive a refund in the event of cancellation.

By “J”, it is understood the day of the service.

YES: access to our different courses is decided by size and age. It is therefore appropriate to be over 1m tall and 4 years old to take part in our Child Course (around 4/7 years old), 1m30 for our Junior Course (around 8/10 years old) and 1m40 for our Grand Course (around over 10 years old). ). The height of participants will be checked on site using a height chart. The course staff therefore reserves the right to refuse the participation of a participant who does not meet the conditions of access to the activity.

This depends on the physical form of the participant, their experience in this type of activity, the route chosen and the attendance. These are therefore only given for information purposes. On average, each loop of our routes lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Allow a total of 1h30 of activity on our Children's Course, 2h30 on our Junior Course and 3h on our Large Course.

We accept checks, cash, credit cards & holiday vouchers on site for all of our services including snacks. We do not give change on holiday voucher payments. We favor secure online purchasing on our website to guarantee availability.

Coolongalook prices vary depending on the activity. Children's courses are €15, junior courses are €18 and Grand courses are from €20.

Fanny packs and backpacks are strongly discouraged on the course as they can increase your risk of injury or interfere with your harness. If you need to take any medication with you, please inform a member of staff who will be able to provide you with a pouch that can be attached to your harness.

Yes. There is a charge for the left-luggage locker service (€1) at reception. All of these proceeds are donated to our team who ensure the safety of practitioners on a daily basis!

You can also leave non-essential items and bags in your car. Small items such as car keys can be stored at reception free of charge. However, we decline all responsibility in the event of loss or theft.

Each participant is equipped by us. It is therefore prohibited to remove and/or put back your equipment yourself without it being checked by a park operator. A disequipment platform is provided for this purpose at the entrance to the park. We recommend wearing a helmet for children under 12 years old. The helmets are supplied by us and treated after each use.

No. Our equipment is checked daily and meets European operating standards. Each piece of equipment (harness, lanyard, carabiner, pulley and helmet) has a number with a tracking sheet (digital register). However, you can bring your own gloves because we sell ours for hygiene reasons.

Yes. If you don't have one, rubber bands are available at reception

Wearing gloves is not necessary on our courses, the zip lines are designed to ensure braking with the feet. If, however, you wish to protect your hands during the activity, we offer gloves for €2, which you can keep after the activities.

Yes. Sports attire is recommended with closed shoes required, covering at least heels and toes (crocs, flip-flops, sandals are not permitted). Long hair and glasses must also be tied up, scarves and jewelry removed. A paid left-luggage service (€1) is offered to you for your personal effects (we decline all responsibility in the event of loss or theft).

Yes. The maximum weight to be able to practice on our different courses is set at 130kg.

In high season (July/August) departures from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. are the least busy. However, it is still highly recommended to reserve in advance by telephone or email to ensure availability.

All the safety instructions relating to the different activities are systematically presented to you before their practice in order to allow you to progress independently on the courses. We thank you in advance for paying attention. In the event of non-compliance with the instructions, we assume no responsibility and we reserve the right to exclude the participant(s) (which will also be the case in the event of behavior not compatible with the spirit of the activities or which would present a hindrance to proper functioning and safety such as drunkenness, strong agitation, willful damage). Any person who, following the safety instructions given at the briefing, does not feel capable, physically and/or morally, of correctly and independently carrying out the manipulations essential to progress on the course, must refrain from doing so. 'activity. It will then be fully refunded. Also be careful not to overestimate your strengths and adapt the choice of activities according to your physical capabilities.

As our courses are equipped with a continuous lifeline, participants over 1.1Om can complete the courses alone and independently. We simply recommend the presence of at least one adult within the park for every 8 minor participants, who can stay on the ground and follow the progress of the young people from our pedestrian paths. However, an adult will be required in the trees and on activities for children under 1.10m (child rate).

Our staff at Coolongalook are wonderful, but are not medically qualified and therefore cannot assess the health fitness of participants to complete a course. It remains your responsibility to undertake such an assessment before using the course. We advise you to visit the course before booking to undertake your own risk assessment (you can consult the “safety rules” document.

Coolongalook is a great wet weather activity. Our courses are substantially protected from rain and wind by the trees themselves, so as long as you are dressed appropriately for the weather you should have fond memories of your experience. The course remains open in all weather conditions, except thick ice, thunderstorms and violent gusts of wind. Rain makes the course messier than usual, which can add to the fun, but you may want to change into dry clothes for the return trip.

If we have to close due to dangerous weather conditions, we will offer you a gift voucher valid for 1 year or postpone your reservation depending on availability and if this occurs less than 2 hours after your arrival on site. If hazardous weather conditions are forecast, we will aim to make the decision as soon as possible and will do our best to contact you to try to save you from unnecessary travel.

Park operators may be required to intervene in the event of unfavorable weather (storm, intense rain, strong wind) to help you complete your activity as quickly and safely as possible. The activity will then be temporarily suspended and can only be resumed in the event of more lenient conditions.

You are welcome ! You're going to want to capture these moments to share them! To ensure the safety of your gadgets and more, we ask that all phones and cameras be connected to the participant. A lanyard and a phone pouch can be purchased the same day at reception (subject to availability).

Yes absolutely. All treetop courses allow as many fans as you want to cheer you on. Pedestrians are authorized to travel on marked paths if they accompany participants for this purpose. The marked paths are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs. However, they must respect the signage described during the safety briefing (their presence being accepted and recommended). In the event of a problem, they can also notify identifiable Coolongalook Parc Aventure staff. It is also prohibited to smoke or gather fruit in the forest. Dogs must also be kept on a leash.

After the briefing session and verification of the ability to move independently in complete safety, participants set out independently on the courses. Our operators carry out surveillance tours to ensure smooth running. If you have a problem, they are there to reassure you, direct you to the easiest activities and accompany you to the nearest descent. If you need help or if you see someone in difficulty, alert the operators by calling them or using a person on the ground.

We use the KOALA EQUIPMENT® continuous lifeline security system to which you must always be connected. This will allow you to connect bridges and zip lines with the same equipment, without ever breaking away.

Not necessarily. You just need to be in good health and follow the instructions given during the safety briefing in order to expose yourself to risks that would not normally exist. 

Coolongalook Parc Aventure strongly recommends not participating in the course: pregnant women, people coming out of a recent operation or with contraindications to the practice of physical activities and people with a BMI > 30 (moderate, severe obesity and morbid; weight in kg / height in m(²)). If you decide to continue, you must inform a member of staff and sign a liability waiver.

We advise you to try. The first workshops are low and easy, enough to build confidence in yourself and in the equipment, before gradually tackling the greatest heights. Most people with mild vertigo manage to complete the entire route.

Refunds can be made in the following cases: (1) You renounce the activity following the safety briefing during which you did not feel physically and/or morally capable of correctly and independently carrying out the operations essential to a evolution on the Courses. (2) You turn around on your first loop and no longer feel physically and/or morally capable of continuing your adventure.

Then return immediately to reception to have your equipment removed and make the refund, failing which, no refund can be made later.

No. Our tickets are only valid for one day. It is therefore possible to take a break (toilets, drinks) but any exit from our site will be considered final.

You will find toilets (accessible to people in wheelchairs), a snack bar (hot and cold drinks, paninis, burgers, salads, ice creams, pancakes, sweets, etc.), parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, a covered area in case of unpredictable weather... and a terrace perched in the trees!

Visit our Gift Voucher page to order a gift voucher. The voucher will be sent to you by email immediately.

No deposit is required to book your adventure. However, only the signed quote return will validate your reservation after confirmation from Coolongalook. Full payment is then required on the day of your event, except for administrative mandates (order form to be provided with the signed quote).

Yes. It is obligatory to book as part of our different packages offered. Beforehand, you will be offered a quote with day/time of service and prices. Your reservation can only be validated upon receipt of the signed quote.

Please refer to the company's general terms and conditions of sale .


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