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Benefit from special discounts if you purchase multi-activity passes ! Get a minimum 50% discount on the 2nd activity and even more on a 3 activity pass

2 activities pass
Adventure nets + Lasertag

2 activities pass
course + lasertag

2 activities pass
course + adventure nets

3 activities pass
course + adventure nets + lasertag

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Experiencing the first days of the season? It's possible. Enjoy all the entertainment? Possible. Too much people ? It doesn't matter, come back tomorrow!

Buy your Annual Subscription and come and enjoy our activities as much as you want. No sale of annual passes on site: Contact us by email contact@coolongalook-parc-aventure.com and we will create your subscription. A secure payment link will be sent to you by email as well as a VIP card in the name of the beneficiary (to be specified when making your request).

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