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We have listed answers to frequently asked questions. Feel free to call us if you do not find the information you
are looking for : +33 (0)9 83 48 61 94 or +33 (0)6 61 95 04 37

Is there a minimum age to practice the activity?

YES: access to our different courses is decided by size and age. It is thus necessary to measure more than 1m
and 4 years to take part in our Kids Course (about 4 / 7years), 1m30 for our Junior Course (8/10 years) and 1m40
for our Grand Course (more than 10 years). The size of the participants can be checked on the spot by means of
a board. The course staff reserves the right to refuse the participation of a participant who does not fulfill the
conditions of access to the activity.

At what time do you advise to come during the day?

In high season (July / August) departures from 9:30 to 10:30 and 12:00 to 13:30 are the least loaded. However, it is still advisable to book in advance by phone or email to ensure availability.

How do you move or cancel (individual)?

Our courses are accessible even in case of rain. If you decide to postpone your arrival, we thank you in advance for informing us by email or telephone the very morning at the latest: we will try to find another date in the measure of our availability.

How do you move or cancel (groups)?

Our courses are accessible even in case of rain. If you decide to postpone your arrival, we thank you in advance to notify us by email or phone at least 24 hours in advance: we will try to find another date within our availability. In cases where the reserved service includes a purchase of food (Birthday Tasting, corporate seminar lunch, etc.) cancellations or travel must be confirmed at least 72 hours in advance. (see terms and conditions provided with the quote.

Should i wear a specific dress?

YES: a sportswear is recommended with mandatory closed shoes, covering at least heels and toes (fangs, flip flops, sandals are not allowed). Long hair and glasses should also be attached, scarves and jewelry removed. A deposit service is offered free of charge for your belongings (we do not accept any liability for loss or theft).

Do you provide gloves?

Wearing gloves is not necessary on our courses, ziplines being designed to provide braking with the feet. However, if you want to protect your hands during the activity, we offer gloves at cost (€ 2) that you can keep after activities.

Should we tie long hair?

YES: elastics are available at the reception

Is it possible to use his personal material?

NO: our equipment is checked daily and meets the European standard of operation. Each equipment (harness, lanyard, carabiner, pouliz and helmet) has a number with a sheet of paper and computer monitoring. You can however bring your own gloves because we sell ours for notions of hygiene.

How is done the equipment of the participants?

Each participant is equipped by us. It is thus forbidden to remove and / or hand yourself your equipment without it being checked by a park operator. A platform of déséquipement is provided for this purpose at the entry of the park. We recommend wearing a helmet for children under 14 years old. Helmets are provided by us and treated after each use.

Is there a maximum weight to practice the activity?

YES: The maximum weight to be able to practice on our various courses is fixed at 130kg.

How long does the activity last?

This depends both on the physical form of the participant, his experience with this type of activity, the path chosen and attendance. These are therefore only indicative. On average, each loop of our course lasts between 15 and 30min. Total 1h 30 of activity on our Children's Course, 2h30 on our Junior Course and 3h on our Grand Course.

What are your payment methods?

We accept cash and credit cards on all our services including snack. We also offer secured online shopping on our website.

Is it recommended to book (individual)?

Yes. We give priority access to courses to people already registered, then to people passing by our availability. If we are full, you will need to come back later in the day or another day. The number of entries to the courses is regulated for the sake of security and to avoid long waiting times.

Is it recommended to book (groups)?

YES: it is obligatory to book within the framework of our various proposed formulas. Beforehand, a quote will be offered with day / time and rates. Your reservation can not be validated until receipt of the quotation and the signed general conditions of sale.

What is a security briefing?

All the safety instructions relating to the various activities are systematically presented to you before their practice in order to allow you an evolution in autonomy on the courses. We thank you in advance for being attentive. In case of non-compliance with the instructions, we do not assume any responsibility and we reserve the right to exclude the participant (s) (which will also be the case in case of behavior not compatible with the spirit of the activities or which would present a hindrance to proper functioning and safety such as drunkenness, strong agitation, deliberate damage). Anyone who, at the end of the safety instructions given at the briefing, does not feel physically and / or morally able to perform correctly and autonomously the manipulations required for an evolution on the Course, must refrain from doing so. 'activity. It will then be fully refunded. Be careful not to overestimate your strengths and to adapt the choice of activities according to your physical abilities.

Am I obliged to accompany my children in the trees?

NO: since our courses are equipped with a continuous life line, participants over 1.10m can ride alone and independently. We simply recommend the presence in the enclosure of the park of an adult minimum for 8 participants minor, this one can remain on the ground and follow the evolution of the young people since our footpaths. An adult will however be mandatory in trees and activities for children under 1.10m (child rate).

Is it possible to follow the participants from the ground?

YES: pedestrians are allowed to travel on marked trails if they accompany participants for this purpose. The marked trails are accessible to strollers and wheelchairs. However, they must respect the signage described during the safety briefing (their presence is accepted and recommended). If there is a problem, they can also alert the identifiable Coolongalook Adventure Park staff. It is also forbidden to smoke in the forest. Dogs must also be kept on a leash.

Do the operators follow the participants?

After the briefing session and the verification of the ability to evolve alone in complete safety, the participants commit themselves independently to the courses. Our operators conduct surveillance tours to ensure the smooth running. In case of problems, they are there to reassure you, guide you to the easiest activities and accompany you to the next downhill. If you need help or if you see a person in difficulty, alert operators by calling them or through a person on the ground.

What security belay system do you have in your park?

We use the KOALA EQUIPMENT® Continuous belay System. This one will allow you to do crossings  and zip lines with the same material, without ever being disconnected.

Should we be sporty? Can a pregnant woman participate?

Not necessarily. Just be healthy. If you are overweight, some activities may be difficult. That's why we advise you to avoid "black" activities. If you are pregnant, coming out of a recent operation or presenting contraindications to the practice of physical activities, we will advise against the practice of our leisure.

What happens if I get stuck?

Our operators will help you get back to the ground by the zip line or the nearest stairway.

I'm dizzy ...

We advise you to try. The first workshops are low and easy, enough to gain self-confidence, and in the material, before gradually approaching the greatest heights. Most people with mild vertigo manage to complete the entire course.

In the case of a thunderstorm, how is it going?

Park operators may be required to intervene in case of adverse weather conditions (thunderstorms, heavy rain, strong winds) to help you complete your activity as quickly and safely as possible. The activity will then be suspended temporarily and may be resumed only in case of more lenient conditions. In the opposite case, a voucher will be given to you for later use if it comes less than an hour after your departure.

What are the refund terms?

Refunds may be made in the following cases: (1) You give up the activity following the safety briefing during which you did not feel able physically and / or morally to perform correctly and autonomously the necessary manipulations to a evolution on the courses. (2) You turn around on your 1st loop and do not feel physically and / or morally able to continue your adventure.

Can we use our entry over several days?

NO: our tickets are only valid for one day. It is therefore possible to take a break (toilets, drinks) but any exit from our site will be considered as definitive.

Is it possible to bring a picnic?

YES: tables are set up on the park to picnic (garbage cans are at your disposal). The picnic should only take place BEFORE or AFTER activities (except multi-activities pass).

What equipment and services do you have on site?

You will find toilets (accessible to people in wheelchairs), picnic areas, a snack (hot and cold drinks, paninis, ice cream, etc ...), parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, a space covered in case of capricious weather ...

NB: Do not hesitate to consult internal rules of the park

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    Super! Des professionnels, c'est rassurant De très belles sensations pour petits et grands! Nous reviendrons! - MADOULITO

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